Engage your customers or risk losing them

Brands today spend massive amounts of money to get customers through their doors with creative advertising and marketing campaigns, aggressive promotions and sales, and unlimited promises. But what happens after that? Are they really able to make that emotional connection that creates customer retention and brand loyalty?

Customers form a strong emotional connection based on their experiences with companies, and those feelings strongly influence their buying decisions. Companies who are more engaged with their customers can build that emotional bond and make them their “true believers” and “brand advocates”. They not only shop more often, also spread the good word, and let’s not forget that they are less price sensitive. Similarly, the unhappy customer preaches negatively about the brand and stop or inhibit others from doing business with you.

So, Customer Engagement should be a part of the company’s overall strategy. Companies should actively work towards engaging with their customers. They should clearly define their company’s brand values and live up to those brand expectations. Lots of companies today are doing this in theory, but the real question is that how many are actually executing on this belief. Companies should have clearly defined customer engagement principles and matrix to measure their customer engagement and should constantly strive to improve on the rate.

Customers expect a certain level of post-sale customer experience and if the companies can consistently fulfil and deliver that promise, there will be lots of happy and loyal customers getting more customers.

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