Why Informedy is right for your business

Informedy is a platform which has an ability to significantly enhance your customer’s post-purchase experience. Traditionally, the customer experience drops off dramatically post-purchase as consumers are left with traditional paper based support material and antiquated communication methods.  But a customer’s journey doesn’t end when they purchase the product and neither should your support.  With the Informedy platform, we allow you to engage with your customers on a much deeper level, and by drawing out insight and analytics from their interaction with the platform, we help you identify your customer’s behaviour and target your interactions with them in the most personalized and efficient way possible.

Engage your customers

At the core of Informedy’s premise is the need to connect and engage with today’s consumers.  The first step in doing so is identifying those consumers who are actually using your products, allowing you to begin your relationship building process.  Informedy does that with a modern, easy and streamlined registration system. When your customers register, they are rewarded with complete product information in a digital format, including responsive manuals, video, quick start guides and FAQs.  Further, we allow you to offer your customers 1-click access to all the products they own, so they can quickly and easily access support content that is meaningful for them.

Listen to the success of your business

Too often when we think of customer communication it’s a one-way street where we are communicating to our customers.  We now live in a world where consumers have a desire to be engaged and connected, and we must learn to communicate with our customers.  Informedy allows you to do so.  At Informedy, we strongly believe that the most important thing we can do with and for our customers is to listen to them.  By using our comprehensive analytical tools, you will be able to glean insights around your products and services and the ways consumers use them, which were never available before.  From product improvement and design, to responsively reacting to product events, to targeted personalized marketing that allows you to communicate with your customers based on which products they are using and how they are using them, you’ll be able to leverage this new data and the insights build better, longer-lasting and more profitable relationships with your customers.

Nurture your customers and nurture your bottom line

By offering your customers a modern responsive support platform, with highly personalized information, all the while listening and responding to their needs and desires, Informedy allows you to begin building that longer-term profitable relationship.

Studies have repeatedly shown that it is up to 6x easier to sell to an existing client than to find a new one.  We also know that engaged customers buy 90% more frequently and spend 60% more per transaction.  Yet tragically, more than 40% of consumers worst customer experience occurred in the digital space.

At Informedy, our goal is to close that gap. To help you build engaging and responsive post-purchase digital experiences. And create connected, happy customers for life.


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