Things You Can Learn from Your Post Sale Experience You Can’t Learn Anywhere Else

purchase.jpgYour customer clicked ‘buy,’ and you sent a branded thank-you email immediately after the transaction was complete (with a few additional product recommendations). Post-purchase engagement complete? Check. Time to move on to the next sale. 

The sale may be processed, but the customer’s journey isn’t over

 -- your relationship with them has just begun.  


A 2017 study from Live Technology and the CMO Council shows customers want continued engagement with you after purchase:

  • More than 50% seek technical support.
  • Approximately four-in-ten have questions about warranties and another third need help with repairs.
  • And about 30% are looking for user support and training.

Frustrations with product experience and unmet expectations post-purchase can undermine trust and strain customer relationships. Your organization will benefit from solutions supporting customers when something goes wrong.

Paying attention to what happens after purchase is an opportunity to learn about your customer base and create a more positive customer journey. Software developers call this on-boarding or ‘first-run experience’, but their tactics have universal application for increasing customer loyalty.  

We know that not all loyalty is created equal. Some customers stick with us because it’s easy and they don’t want to find another option.  While ‘autopilot’ buyers have value, it’s the active loyalists who build your business, since they are more likely to talk about and recommend your product based on their experience.

Identifying an Active Loyalist Post Sale

Continuing the conversation after purchase is the first step in building relationships. Post-purchase customer data can give you insights about trigger moments, telling you when (and why) customers are likely to reach out to you.

Mechanisms to identify the strength of your post-purchase interactions:

Analytical tools can be incorporated into a SaaS platform to provide post-purchase details such as:

  • topics searched for about your products
  • video links opened
  • most frequently accessed content from your FAQs
  • customer location and the device used when looking for information

Enhancing Your Post-Purchase Program

Insights drawn from following your active loyalist’s post-purchase activities can help you enhance customer engagement with personalized, relevant information. 

Elements could include:

  • relevant information around warranties or product recalls information
  • personalized offers or promotions based on customer purchase history
  • proactive reminders around service cycles or consumables consumption

In addition to ensuring you deliver the most important content to your customers, a comprehensive database about your customers can also provide you with analytical power to grow your business.

Analysis of customer data can address questions about:

  • buyer targets based on purchasing patterns and demographics
  • customer satisfaction levels
  • product engagement
  • favorite and most accessed content
  • and, based on searches and questions, areas where documentation could be improved

Owning the Post-Purchase Relationship

Improving the customer experience remains a hot topic, but most businesses don’t own post-purchase interactions.

  • More than half of manufacturers in the CMO Council Report on channel partners to manage the post-purchase customer relationship.
  • Although 71% agree post-purchase engagement improves customer lifetime value, fewer than 10% of CMOs are held responsible for it.

Customers’ post-purchase experiences affect every future decision. Managing the process protects your business and your brand, because you control the narrative and can deliver consistent, useful messaging. Strengthening customer relationships post-purchase can drive referrals, word of mouth, increase your actively loyal audience and revenue.

We can help you find ways to enrich customer experiences as well as strengthen post-purchase loyalty and referrals. Call us at 289-729-0709 or contact us online.

Our RESOURCES page has useful videos and whitepapers for additional information.

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