Three Ways the Customer Experience has Changed and One Way it Hasn't


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Did you know, that in 2006, less than half of people carried mobile phones and less than a quarter of the world’s population had access to the internet? In 2014, it became official that there are more mobile devices in the world than people. So, you can surmise that in 2017 we are far more connected than ever before. Essentially, this means that we can purchase things from where we are sitting, anytime from anywhere on the planet. In order to make the most of the new normal, consumer goods manufacturers had to evolve. And many of them have, here’s how;


  1. Ecommerce has made it easier for us to not only buy things from the comfort of our living rooms, it’s also made it easier for us to seek the opinions of others on what we are about to buy. 
  2. The pre-sale experience continues to improve. Algorithms, past purchase history, web tracking all helps narrow searches for the things we want the most. If you’re like me, it can be a little creepy when the website I was looking at on my mobile device takes the form of an ad on my desktop, but we’ll get over it.
  3. The fact of the matter is almost every man, woman and child is walking around with a computer in their pocket, (sometimes more than one). Today, we don’t have to wait for anything; not for information, being made aware of sales on goods or even access to the latest concert tickets. The world is my department store and my mobile phone is my personal shopper.


But, it’s not all roses. Although we live in this amazing time a significant gap in the customer journey still remains. When do we talk about what happens after the purchase is over? I’ve turned over my hard-earned money for something I’ve been saving for, I take it home and my expectations aren’t quite being met. The shiny store, the easy purchase from sitting on a streetcar, the rave reviews—all gone. I’m left with a paper manual that can’t show me a “how to” video, the stores are closed, and the phone lines don’t open until 8:00am on Monday. What am I thinking about my new purchase, its makers and the likelihood of me buying from that brand again? Did they forget about a customer’s LTV (Life Time Value)? For all we’ve done to improve the pre-sale experience, little has gone on to ensure that it carries forward into the post-sale universe. Great job on the dramatic improvement from point A to B, but when do we see the same improvement from point B to C so the loyalty loop can be truly realized?

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